Casual Portrait

Steven L. Smith

Ever since the age of 8 when he disassembled, and successfully reassembled, his parents' dot matrix printer, Steven L Smith has had a natural curiosity for all things technical. By age 13, he had created his first website, using CompuServe's Home Page Wizard. Finding the output to be extremely limited, Steven taught himself HTML and CSS, and began building websites by hand.

Throughout High School and College, Steven dabbled in a variety of web and other programming languages and frameworks, and before long, became the Internet Marketing Coordinator for a local marketing firm, Markethold Productions. While there, he was responsible for back-end programming and general strategy for dozens of small websites, and also had the chance to hone his skills as a technical writer.

After graduating in May 2008 with a B.A. in Music from Nazareth College, he was hired as Nazareth's full-time Web Developer. From there, Steven moved into the startup world, as the Chief Technical Officer for, and Web Application Developer at Mykonos Software. In 2012, Mykonos Software was bought by Juniper Networks, and Steven was offered a job as a Software Engineer, focusing on the administrative user interface.

Outside of work, Steven enjoys all things music, and spends most of his freetime at the local hackerspace, riding his motorcycle, doing ham radio stuff, or playing with technology. He also enjoys consulting with small-to-medium-sized businesses and non-profits, helping them develop a web presence they can be proud of.